Music Lessons

Lessons built just for you: The Music Scene customizes your lessons based on your needs and how far you would like to take it. Whether you want to learn piano at the Royal Conservatory level or jam on the acoustic guitar around the campfire. If you are a beginner we can get you started, if you are experienced we can help you explore new techniques to take your abilities to a new level.

Private Lessons: We offer private lessons to give you the personal attention that will help you progress at your own pace.

Audio Report Cards: Our on-site recording studio allows us to record your lessons and progress at no additional cost. This offers a reference for you to see how you have come along, and what needs to be improved upon.

The Live Experience: Our stage and on suite venue offers the opportunity to enhance your stage presence and perform live. We host two student recitals per year, in which all of our students are welcome to participate.

A Great Staff: Our experienced and qualified instructors are always there to help. Whatever your pace may be, we strive to guide you into reaching your full potential and ultimate goal!

Bonus Features: We’ll teach you everything from stage performance to song writing, studio recording and what goes on behind the scenes.

The Music Scene offers Private Lessons in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele and Cello.


4 Lessons at $25.00/lesson


Package A

14 Lessons at $22.00/lesson


Package B

28 Lessons at $21.0/lesson


Package C

42 Lessons at $20.00/lesson